dear ashelyn (10 months)

Posted on: 30 January 2013

Here we are in the double digits. To think that you’ve now been on the outside longer than you were cookin’ on the inside!


I’ve been remiss with photography. We don’t even have any good pictures of you standing or taking steps. I’m surprised you haven’t shown more interest in walking. Probably because all your spare energy is funneled into FIGHTING NAPS OMG.

You have enough hair now to get bedhead after a nap. You end up looking like an angry bird, stray tuft whooshing up perpendicular to your scalp. When I come get you, inevitably you’ve begun crawling off the bed, and your bewildered where am I? expression is eerily reminiscent of your father’s.

When we shake our heads at you or say “no,” you’ll imitate us and shake your head vigorously. This is your second trick (after last month’s high-five). Except I’m pretty sure you don’t actually mean “no” when you shake your head. You just do it for fun. And when we nod or say “yes” you respond by … shaking your head. At least you’re consistent?

Your silent clap has evolved into a real clap!

You make this >_< face. It’s like a wink, but with both eyes, your impish side asserting itself.

The new carseat – that we scored for free off craigslist! – has been a hit. You still resist being strapped in sometimes, and may pull out an arsenal of tricks such as arching backward or refusing to sit down. But once you’re in you settle down quickly.


This is where your cloth diaper covers are hung to dry.

You’ve taken to gurgling when you cry. You also pass your hand back and forth across your mouth, which results in a yodel of sorts. Both make it hard for me to take your complaint (usually “DON’T WANT NAP”) seriously.

You attempt to avoid naps by distracting me with kisses. NICE TRY, devious one.

Last week you threw up on me, in the evening after dinner, to the tune of noodles in my bra. Oh yes. I thought you chewed better than that.

A few weeks ago, we were playing in the living room when you turned the corner into the kitchen on your own. You voluntarily went somewhere I wasn’t! And after the first couple times, you stopped pausing to see if I’d follow.


It’s especially cute when you go off by yourself down the hallway looking for daddy. You’ll push open the door to his office and crawl right in, like you have an appointment or something.

I like to think you know I’ve got your back, and that security enables you to sally forth into new frontiers.


3 Responses to "dear ashelyn (10 months)"

“Noodles in my bra” made me laugh out loud. Oh, the glamour of motherhood! We also use cloth diapers. It’s a love-hate relationship. (more hate-hate these days…)

I’m tentatively going to say I prefer dealing with baby poop over baby vomit. At least the former is (supposed to be) contained in a diaper.

Yes, baby vomit is a little scary. At least poop is supposed to happen šŸ™‚

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