dear ashelyn (11 months)

Posted on: 1 March 2013

I’m (very, shamefully) late in noticing this, but you “dance” to music. It’s a little rhythmic bounce you do while standing or on your knees, often accompanied by wildly flailing arms.

The other day you were “dancing” a little too enthusiastically and bumped your chin into the coffee table. There was a minor amount of fussing, but the funny thing about your reaction to pain is (1) the delay, and (2) the disbelief. Whenever there’s a mishap you freeze, then make this incredulous hurt face that seems to say,Β How could this happen?

You love to watch video clips of yourself.

I have no idea where this came from, but you randomly and spontaneously attempt arabesques. (Sometimes while breastfeeding.)

IMG_3440Daddy was first to discover that you’ve begun crawling out of your highchair. (The straps on the toddler side are missing.) He occasionally drags the highchair into the kitchen so he can cook and supervise you at the same time, except one day he blinked and you’d half crawled onto the stove! Luckily he was only doing prep work, so none of the elements were on … I think.

Interestingly, you aren’t really drawn to stuffies or soft toys. You favour hard, shiny, SMALL objects … choking hazards. Of course.

IMG_3524Your other favourite plaything is a container full of some homogeneous item: a box of sugar packets, a basket of blankets, a laundry mesh bag of nursing pads. You’re a fan of scattering everything with gusto all over the place. You’re not a fan of cleaning up after.

Your crooked-salute wave became an up-and-down wave, and is now a real wave. You wave at the words “bye” and “hi” and “wave.” If you’re extra excited, you may wave with both hands.

And you can nod now! You nod at “yes” and shake your head at “no.” Although you still like to shake your head randomly.

You’re a chatterbox and your vocalizations span the entire alphabet; still, there are a few recurring syllables: the bright, chipper “ahn ahn ahn” (sometimes “ahn-ye”), the murmured “ma ma ma,” the impatient “dar dar dar.”IMG_3461

When it’s time to sleep, you protest by throwing yourself backwards, or squiggling around like a caterpillar in its death throes.

You know how to climb off the sofa.

You’re really getting the hang of mimicry, as evidenced by the growl-offs and squinty-face contests you have with daddy.


4 Responses to "dear ashelyn (11 months)"

We should totally hang out, play date style! πŸ™‚ Assuming, of course, that you are in the Ban area πŸ˜‰

Van (stupid iPhone autocorrect)!

I am! Totally up for that! But how does this work … do we exchange emails now?

I’m at msloquacious @ gmail πŸ™‚

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