Posted on: 12 March 2013

Ashelyn has been napping for some time. I gamble that she’ll stay asleep long enough for me to flat iron my hair, another ten minutes? It’s kind of an unruly mess, and Kevin is expecting someone over for a business meeting.

No luck, though. I’m halfway through when she wakes. I set her down in the hallway outside the bathroom so I can keep an eye on her while I finish.

But before I can, she starts doing the poop grunt.

So I whisk her to the potty, because baby poop doesn’t wait. At least, not long. Not if I want a “clean catch.” The potty is beside the change table, which is in a fairly prominent place in the living room.

This is apparently the perfect time for M to arrive. Ashelyn is in the middle of pooping. It smells. I’m holding her wriggly butt in place, 1/4 of my hair curly and the rest slipping out of a hair claw.

Hi. A pleasure to meet you, too.


2 Responses to "awkward"

I call it, the ‘untimely poo’… those happen about 100X a day in our house with a just turned 3 year old and a 7 month old… been doing EC from the beginning with the older one! I never even get to blow dry my hair 🙂

I never blow-dry, hehe. Takes too long. We’ve EC-ed for poops since Ashelyn’s fifth month … she goes fairly infrequently, once every few days, so we lucked out in that department!

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