party shy

Posted on: 11 April 2013

Confession: I used to judge people who threw fancy birthday parties for their one-year-old, because dude, it’s not like they’ll appreciate or remember it. Eventually I clued in and realized that the party is for the parents, a celebration of surviving the first year, perhaps. Plus a photo op. And if it brings someone joy to organize and host a party, to decorate, to prepare food, then why not?

I am not one of those mothers.

Just the thought of it all stresses me out. If it were up to me I’d let the day pass without fanfare, but as it turns out, Ashelyn is too darn popular incredibly well-loved. As it turns out, she had a whole weekend of “parties.”

The good news is I didn’t have to plan anything; some of them just sort of happened.

Our westside church plant has its youth service on Saturday morning, and our young adults surprised us with a gorgeous cake and card. In the evening, Kevin had a business thing turned massive Filipino dinner. Ashelyn had nothing to do with this, but nonetheless got to stuff herself with strawberries, and received plenty of well wishes when people heard it was her birthday. Also, how have I not had Filipino food before? It is awesome.

My family came over for dinner on Sunday. They supplied the ingredients; we Kevin took charge of the cooking.

And on Monday, we headed out to the ‘burbs for dinner with Kevin’s family.


And there was more cake. That we ate in her stead.

Mad props to the themed party planners. Me? I think I prefer it this way.


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