four pokes

Posted on: 18 April 2013

Ashelyn rocked her vaccinations last Friday.

I kept remembering a mother of twins who told us that in her experience, the twelve-month shots were the worst. There are four of them, after all. Even the first round at two months is three pokes plus an oral vaccine.

Our doctor did offer an option to split the vaccinations over two visits, and I was on the fence about that up until the last moment. In the end, we decided to get it over with in one go. Ashelyn has a rather impressive threshold of pain, so there was a good chance the shots wouldn’t faze her much. (Alternately, they could enrage her. One can never know.)

Also, she’s one now. If we got two shots and returned a week later, she might remember. It’s a little early to be risking doctor’s-office aversions, I think!

So we went ahead with the full round. The first shot (“a mean one,” said doc) gave her some pause, but she didn’t cry until the second. And after it was over, a teary, reproachful look: How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend!

But in the next minute she was over it, her usual gregarious self, chummying up to people in the waiting area as we left the clinic.

And so what if my kid doesn’t sleep? She’s immune to vaccine side-effects!

(Okay, I’d rather she sleep.)


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