about sarah

I’m Sarah. I’m a left-brained artist with undergraduate degrees in genetics and cell biology, English literature, and music. In brief, I’m confused.

I married my first love. Kevin and I met in the summer of 2004. He was twenty-four; I was eighteen. My parents spent two years trying to scare him away. Now he’s their go-to person when my dad’s computer crashes, or when they want to book flight tickets, or when price comparisons need to be made. Our wedding was in May 2008, one week after my university convocation.

We live on the west coast of Canada.

In March 2012, our daughter Ashelyn was born, at home. Not because we’d planned a home birth, but because we never made it to the hospital. Our midwife didn’t even make it to us. I’d hoped for a quick labour, yes, but I didn’t expect it to be that quick!

Full-time babycare aside, I handle a dwindling amount of administration, teach (piano) and tutor (high school courses) as the occasion arises, and do freelance editing and translation work. Although my dream job would be a toss-up between cruise ship entertainer and voice actor for Disney.

In my spare time I quasi-transcribe songs by sussing out their chords. I speak Mandarin better than I speak French, but I read French better than I read Chinese. I like obscure trivia, witty repartée, and pussy willow.


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