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It’s kind of cute, I guess, the joke about Bible colleges being “bridal colleges.” Even cuter are the single girls eagerly awaiting their future husbands. Such sincerity and idealism.

Mind you, I have nothing against sincerity or idealism. But I do come across one common sentiment that goes something like, “I refuse to settle for anything less than what I deserve.”

There’s truth in it, I suppose. But I don’t recall ever thinking this way. Not that I thought too extensively about a future spouse, but when I did, it was always for “a man I would be worthy of.”

And now, after two fabulous years of marriage, I believe more than ever that it’s not about finding the right person. It’s about being the right person.

I’ve been living in limbo for two years.

It was beginning to frustrate me, until today, when I felt God reminding me to savour this era of my life. To live fully in the present, aware of how blessed I am, instead of complaining and wanting out and pinning my hopes on the future.

I do want our own home, and financial freedom, so that we can think about having children. I want a career, I want to travel. But there’s a time and a purpose for all things.

Now, I have plenty of free time. I can sleep in. I can read and write and learn new things, like stock trading and bass guitar. I don’t need to cook or clean much, but I can glean from my in-laws, who are phenomenal at both. They’ve taught me so much already. I’ve learned to be more sensitive to the needs and wishes of other people to whom I’m not directly responsible. I’ve learned many things I couldn’t have anywhere else.

Also, I’m young and healthy. I married my first love, and twenty six months later it still feels like a honeymoon.

God forbid that I forget.