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This nifty little analyzer claimed I write like Stephen King.

Then H.P. Lovecraft, then J.R.R. Tolkien, then Dan Brown. Yeah, every sample has yielded a different result so far.

So I’m being associated with big names in thriller, horror, and fantasy? I wonder what this implies about my writing style.

When I tried blog entries, it gave me Chuck Palahniuk and Vladimir Nabokov.

I used to write fiction, various short stories and the beginnings of epic novels I never had the patience to finish. Some of those fragments are still floating around in my notebooks and hard drives.

Yesterday I came across a character sketch written six years ago. I was eighteen. One of the lines made me bust out laughing. It was one in which I described a certain man as being “no longer young, perhaps in his late twenties.”

“Late twenties” is “no longer young”?