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Ashelyn Vienna, 6.4 6.3 lbs, born March 30 at 7:50AM. At home, because we never made it to the hospital. And our midwife didn’t make it to us. And Kevin, who has said all along that he wanted to remain on the “head” side of the birthing action, had to help catch the baby.

Hopefully that story will be up soon.

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Based on the results of my first trimester ultrasound, munchkin’s due date has been pushed back a week – from March 30 to April 7.

Which isn’t totally unexpected. Our original dating was based on my LMP, but my cycle is significantly longer than average. (At 45 days I couldn’t be sure that I was pregnant.)

Kevin hopes this means we’re less likely to have an April Fool’s baby.

The phrase “trying for a baby” throws me off, and it throws Kevin off even more. The one time someone asked, we weren’t quite sure how to respond. Maybe because “trying” suggests effort and work, neither of which I associate with sex. “Trying for a baby” suggests timing and planning and scheduling … and makes Kevin think people just aren’t having enough.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across some birthing videos online and, idiotically, watched them. OH CRAP. First impressions?

  • I don’t want a c-section.
  • I don’t want an episiotomy.
  • I think the epidural scares me more than a natural birth.
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