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mua ha ha

Posted on: 2 April 2013

A: Mama.

S: Can you say “daddy”?

A: Mama!

K: What about 爸爸? (Chinese for “daddy,” pronounced bà bà.)

A: Ma. Ma.

K: Ba!


S: I’m winning.

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say what

Posted on: 11 January 2013

S: I missed a call from mom. Did you tell my parents about Ashelyn’s nine-month check-up this morning?

K: I told your dad I had to leave early to take Ashelyn to the doctor. Why?

S: I just called back. They thought she had to go to the hospital and were wondering what was wrong.

K: … that’s NOT what I said.

(Surprisingly – because we aren’t particularly tall people – Ashelyn is still in the upper upper percentiles for height. However, her weight has tapered off to about average.)

K: “Jericho Beach is just off UBC, right?”

S: “I think so? But don’t quote me on that.”

K: “You went to UBC – how can you not know?”

S: “Well, I didn’t go to UBC and then HANG OUT ON THE BEACH.”