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Posted on: 21 May 2013

In the early afternoon.

S: I have a craving for Kraft Dinner.

In the evening.

K: Hey, there’s still some KD left in the pot. You didn’t finish it?

S: Yeah. I know. Kraft Dinner is like coke; it’s only good the first serving.

I feel like I’m constantly debunking the “eating for two” myth. It’s only an extra 300 calories per day, people, not double portions of everything! That’s like, what, an extra granola bar?

I was telling my brother that I’ve been wanting to eat less in one sitting. I’m actually not comfortable when I feel “full.” But I tend to get hungry again in record time. It’s like my stomach capacity has shrunk but digestion has sped up.

He says, “Baby is sitting on your stomach and stealing your food. That … is a CRIME.”

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Pregnancy hunger is nothing like pre-pregnancy hunger. Before, I’d feel hungry for, say, ten minutes. Then it would pass and I’d forget. Hunger pangs were easy to ignore, which is why in university I’d sometimes forget to eat. Pregnancy hunger, though, is almost panic-inducing. It’s all MUST. EAT. SOMETHING. NOW.

Pregnancy sleepiness is different too. It’s much harder to fight. Kevin wants to insist that I sleep early, but really, it hardly matters. Because now my body knocks me over the head when it’s tired. And the old protest, “But I’m busy! I’m in the middle of something!” doesn’t work anymore.

Anyway, here’s munchkin at eleven weeks! I’m due for my first ultrasound, but the clinic hasn’t called.

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My parents and Kevin’s are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to grocery habits. His parents shop as a hobby and are compulsive stockpilers. Mine wait until the fridge is utterly empty before they go.

Case in point: last weekend we bought ten sockeye salmon from the father of my Native American friend, who lives in a fishing village. Two for us, eight for my in-laws. Kevin and his dad spent two hours that evening cleaning and filleting the fish.

You’d think ten salmon is a lot already, but this week they wanted more … fifteen more. They ended up getting another ten (five for us, five for the in-laws).

Now, when Kevin asked my parents if they wanted any, my mom said no. She said that the other day someone from church had given them a large salmon fillet. They’d baked it and eaten half. Then the leftovers went bad, so she threw them away!

Should’ve seen Kevin’s face then. It was like she’d hurt his feelings.

Apparently I’m in the eighth week of pregnancy. Despite having studied the progress of embryo development in exhaustive detail in fourth-year developmental neurobiology, I didn’t know that delivery date is calculated from the first day of the last period. I’m so n00b.

I’m finding that I tire easily, which I’m not used to. Sometimes I’m lethargic and don’t feel like moving. I have little appetite for meat, especially red meat, and heavily-flavoured things. I crave fruit, pasta, and sashimi (which I can’t have).

Also, my belly is no longer flat. My belly has never NOT been flat! I think it’s water retention, because baby is still, what, the size of a lentil? Not that it’s very noticeable. Just … alien. Everything still fits.

So much for bypassing morning sickness. I suppose I’m guilty of an irrational kind of arrogance, the kind that hopes statistics won’t apply to me.

Still, it’s only mild nausea, not bad enough that I feel like throwing up. The smell of oil seems to trigger it. Bleh. I’m perpetually thirsty. Last night I had a sudden, odd craving for kimchi – odd because I’m not even a huge fan of kimchi. Odd enough that Kevin didn’t believe it was for real. If that was a pregnancy craving, it wasn’t noticeably different from regular “I’m in the mood for this” cravings that come and go.