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My parents and Kevin’s are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to grocery habits. His parents shop as a hobby and are compulsive stockpilers. Mine wait until the fridge is utterly empty before they go.

Case in point: last weekend we bought ten sockeye salmon from the father of my Native American friend, who lives in a fishing village. Two for us, eight for my in-laws. Kevin and his dad spent two hours that evening cleaning and filleting the fish.

You’d think ten salmon is a lot already, but this week they wanted more … fifteen more. They ended up getting another ten (five for us, five for the in-laws).

Now, when Kevin asked my parents if they wanted any, my mom said no. She said that the other day someone from church had given them a large salmon fillet. They’d baked it and eaten half. Then the leftovers went bad, so she threw them away!

Should’ve seen Kevin’s face then. It was like she’d hurt his feelings.