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I can imagine some things getting easier.

We’re in an interesting window of time where Ashelyn has definite wants and opinions, but not always the language to communicate them. She’s a strong-willed little thing, and I fear that the stage is set for tantrums. So far the closest we’ve come is the odd phenomenon wherein all her bones liquefy and she oozes out of our grasp onto the floor in slow-motion protest. It’s amusing more than anything else … for now. And even though she’s normally no mystery to me, I look forward to the day Ashelyn can just tell me what she wants, how she feels. Guesswork can be tedious. Plus, toddlerspeak is squee! (So I suppose this will get worse before it gets better.)

She’ll increasingly be able to occupy herself, for increasing lengths of time. With books, for instance. Books are a magnificent occupier of time, if I remember correctly. I may even be able to shower more than twice a week.

Oh yes, and eventually she’ll have her own room and sleep in there. Eventually she’ll want to. One day. Hopefully before the age of four.

I can imagine other things becoming more difficult.

Ashelyn is still young and pliable enough to be easily distracted away from undesirable objects and situations, and thus potential scenes are quickly diffused. Move away from those cables, Ashelyn, come have some water from your sippy! Aww, did that other kid snatch your toy? Look, here’s another one!

She hasn’t yet gotten into all the cupboards and drawers. It’s an old house, so much of the built-in cabinetry is “sticky” and needs to be wrangled open – an unexpected boon. Also, she can’t open the refrigerator.

Maybe it’s the still-developing memory, but Ashelyn is very forgiving and holds no grudges. By the time she wakes up, she’s forgotten that she hates me for making her nap in the first place. Phew.