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The midwifery clinic tracks with us until six weeks postpartum, so Wednesday morning was our last appointment.

My little mántóu has grown from 6.3 lbs at birth to 11.5 lbs! Evidently I’m producing heavy cream.

Little smirking munchkin, freshly baked.

Chubby grinning munchkin at six weeks.

Since the birth was quick and I didn’t tear, recovery has been quick and easy as well. I’m less than ten pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and it’s weight I could stand to keep … just not if it stays on my midsection! My last question to the midwife was, “So, umm, how do I get rid of the gut?”

To which she replied, “You don’t have one.” BONUS POINTS FOR HER.

I do, though. Not a very noticeable one, to be sure, but there’s definitely some extra flesh that wasn’t there before.

Although I’m not pleased about that, my concern over the paunch is largely overshadowed by the novelty of having cleavage.

I may tire of both, we’ll see.

Anyway, we left the clinic with a copy of my medical records, which I’ve been perusing. This “healthy 25yo nullip” (no longer twenty five, sadly, nor a nulliparida) wasn’t a bio major for nothing. They tell the story of Ashelyn’s birth, too, in a clipped, shorthand way.

(Kat really did write that it was “precipitous.”)


Posted on: 24 February 2012

Munchkin is very squirmy and hiccup-y. The hiccups feel like popcorn – a single large kernel popping low in my pelvis. As for squirmy, well, when munchkin is on the move my melon-like midriff undulates. Literally, visibly. Sometimes it bounces and spasms too. Silly munchkin. According to my midwife, during an active phase we want at least six movements in two hours. I believe we’re closer to six movements in twenty seconds.

I started to catch Kevin’s cold, I think, but it seems to have gone already without sticking. Just a day or two of snuffles, a hint of congestion and throat scratchiness. (How did that happen, anyway? We were so careful! I mean, he was careful enough for the both of us. I wasn’t all that careful, because I stubbornly believe that my immune system is impenetrable.) We’re both asymptomatic now and feeling fine.

According to the scale at my parents’ place, I’ve gained about twenty two pounds. The internet tells me this is within the healthy NON-PREGNANT weight range for my height. The internet doesn’t know how underweight I was before pregnancy (not significantly underweight, no worries). At this rate, maybe I could afford to not shed any weight after birth. Although I think my face looks wider, HAHA.

Ugh, I’m feeling the extra weight though. When I stop to think about it, I feel heavy. And I get braxton-hicks … randomly, but especially when I walk for any distance longer than, say, a block.

week 34

Gratuitous popping belly button shot.

third trimester squirmies

The other day, a friend asked me what I thought the weirdest thing about pregnancy was so far.

It’s the belly.

It’s starting to become this extra appendage that interferes with everyday activities, such as sleeping and bending over. It’s foreign, having a bump there. I’m quite fascinated by it.

We’re in the “cute bump” stage, I know. In another month or so I may be ginormous and whalelike, and then I’ll have a much deeper understanding of interference. Pregnancy hasn’t slowed me down much, yet. My abs can still handle the extra weight, so I haven’t had to resort to pushing myself up into a sitting position with my arms, etc. Though … I can’t run up three flights of stairs to the skytrain anymore without losing my breath. I can still run across the street to catch a bus without losing my breath, and I know this because it happened today. Thankfully no older-generation Asians were there then to yell at me.

As far as extra weight goes, I’ve gained ten pounds, putting me securely in the triple digits for the first time ever. (We don’t have a scale at home, but both sets of parents do.) Ten pounds at 22/23 weeks didn’t sound like much, but at my checkup on Tuesday the midwife assured us it was perfectly normal.

She also dashed our hopes of getting another ultrasound. They can’t book one just for gender assessment, which is non-medically necessary, and munchkin is too healthy.

The last ultrasound showed an anterior placenta, so maybe that’s why munchkin skipped the whole fluttery thing and went straight to bumpin’ and thumpin’. It feels like a bunny. Some of the bigger moves must be externally visible by now, I just haven’t checked to confirm.

And I’m noticing what I think are Braxton-Hicks. You can almost SEE the outline of the uterus then … so much for not being able to find it!