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We spent BC Day at Buntzen Lake, under a gazebo with much food and many teens. After an epic marathon swim, of course we were hungry again. One of the barbecue grills was giving Kevin some trouble, refusing to light.

Eric and Grant saw the fireball.

I heard the WHUUMPH, like the violent rush of air through a bellows. When I turned, Kevin’s head was smoking. And I recognized the smell of burnt hair because once, not knowing any better, I used a metal straightener on mine.

It was over in a moment. He looked a little dazed, but otherwise unhurt. No burns. A small amount of hair was scorched off his forehead, fingers, forearms, and eyebrows. The tips of his eyelashes were also singed off.

Never have I been so thankful that hair is keratinized epithelial cells, dead and nerveless. I rather think the eyebrows look nicer for the trim.