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So, four days after your first birthday, you finally decided to take your first independent steps. Six of them, if I counted correctly. So you walk now, when you want to, but more often than not you still don’t want to! Unless it’s to cross short distances. You’re very fond of walking on your knees, however. People always comment on your knee-shuffle.


I’m drowning in a sea of white fuzz.

Your dance moves have really diversified. Sometimes you bounce, sometimes you sway, sometimes you bop your head, sometimes you raise your arms. Or any combination of those. You’re more likely to sway to slow songs and bop to upbeat ones. And you dance when I sing … aww!

Early this month you figured out how to unlock the iPod touch. Push button, slide touchscreen bar. How ..?! You always flip the device upside-down so the home button is on top.

A better photo pending, hopefully.

A better photo pending, hopefully.

You purse your lips in a piglet-face pout. The trigger word for that is face. As in, “Show grandma your funny FACE,” or, “Blue steel FACE!”

When we ask, “Where’s your nose?” you can point to it. But you also erroneously point to other parts of your face about 20% of the time.

At the beginning of the month you started saying, “Aww yeah!” but it’s since evolved into the Chinese exclamation, “Aiyah!” Or, more often, “Ai-YAAA!” You like to yell this as a greeting to strangers.

Your new complaint syllable is “miu miu miu.” There’s also “byao byao byao,” which happens to sound like the Mandarin for do not want.

Sadly, you no longer eat everything. Meals were so easy when you did! I can’t be sure now if you’ll refuse something. Like leafy greens; you seem to not like those anymore. You make the most hilarious disgusted faces – complete with shudder! – and you’ve started daintily dropping undesired food off your highchair. Sigh. You like meats and grains, usually. The newest hit has been starfruit.

It’s easy to tell when you’re done eating, because you start playing with your food, smushing it into the highchair tray with your finger.

Lately you’ve been wanting to nurse more than ever. You insist on nursing to sleep again, after a period of not needing to. And at night, when you wake up, you ask for it! “Hi.” Whimper. “Neh neh?” It’s SO CUTE ARGH I CAN’T SAY NO.

More theatrics: This is your “Why?”


And this is your “Oh no!”


four pokes

Posted on: 18 April 2013

Ashelyn rocked her vaccinations last Friday.

I kept remembering a mother of twins who told us that in her experience, the twelve-month shots were the worst. There are four of them, after all. Even the first round at two months is three pokes plus an oral vaccine.

Our doctor did offer an option to split the vaccinations over two visits, and I was on the fence about that up until the last moment. In the end, we decided to get it over with in one go. Ashelyn has a rather impressive threshold of pain, so there was a good chance the shots wouldn’t faze her much. (Alternately, they could enrage her. One can never know.)

Also, she’s one now. If we got two shots and returned a week later, she might remember. It’s a little early to be risking doctor’s-office aversions, I think!

So we went ahead with the full round. The first shot (“a mean one,” said doc) gave her some pause, but she didn’t cry until the second. And after it was over, a teary, reproachful look: How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend!

But in the next minute she was over it, her usual gregarious self, chummying up to people in the waiting area as we left the clinic.

And so what if my kid doesn’t sleep? She’s immune to vaccine side-effects!

(Okay, I’d rather she sleep.)

party shy

Posted on: 11 April 2013

Confession: I used to judge people who threw fancy birthday parties for their one-year-old, because dude, it’s not like they’ll appreciate or remember it. Eventually I clued in and realized that the party is for the parents, a celebration of surviving the first year, perhaps. Plus a photo op. And if it brings someone joy to organize and host a party, to decorate, to prepare food, then why not?

I am not one of those mothers.

Just the thought of it all stresses me out. If it were up to me I’d let the day pass without fanfare, but as it turns out, Ashelyn is too darn popular incredibly well-loved. As it turns out, she had a whole weekend of “parties.”

The good news is I didn’t have to plan anything; some of them just sort of happened.

Our westside church plant has its youth service on Saturday morning, and our young adults surprised us with a gorgeous cake and card. In the evening, Kevin had a business thing turned massive Filipino dinner. Ashelyn had nothing to do with this, but nonetheless got to stuff herself with strawberries, and received plenty of well wishes when people heard it was her birthday. Also, how have I not had Filipino food before? It is awesome.

My family came over for dinner on Sunday. They supplied the ingredients; we Kevin took charge of the cooking.

And on Monday, we headed out to the ‘burbs for dinner with Kevin’s family.


And there was more cake. That we ate in her stead.

Mad props to the themed party planners. Me? I think I prefer it this way.

mua ha ha

Posted on: 2 April 2013

A: Mama.

S: Can you say “daddy”?

A: Mama!

K: What about 爸爸? (Chinese for “daddy,” pronounced bà bà.)

A: Ma. Ma.

K: Ba!


S: I’m winning.

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